- Latest Engine. - Middle to Low rates exp. - 4 Characters (No Shaman/Swordtrickster). - Drop rate is balanced with leveling. - Skills PVE/PVP damages are balanced. - New Guild System. - Latest int riding effects. - 3 Types of pets with pick/heal. - Storyline missions with great rewards. - Very useful crafting systems. - Strong protection against hacks. - New selfmade Main city/Areas. - New and awesome designs. - Solo, party and shiny game play. - 3rd job skills are learn-able on lvl 70. - CJB Buffs upgradeable to Grade 3 on reaching level 75. - Assassins cannot attack each others if they are in same party. - Revival from the same death place for new-comers. - Anti-Ks System with hotkey 'k' - Lucky Player Lottery System to win various items every 12 hours. - No pay2win, everything is craftable. - Jewel rewards for PVP battle systems. - Enjoyable Raid Dungeons. - Hell of Shock and Mautareta Systems. - New and never seen Shadow of Devah System. - Battlefield Anti AFK System. - New battlefield/last man standing maps. - Balanced battlefield team selection based on player level. - New storyline quests. - Daily/Repeatable quests. - New costumes with effects. - New weapon skins with effects. - New back decoration effects. - Ability to hide costumes/weapon skins. - Ability to reduce game graphics with a command. - Useful crafting merchant. - Various Vote rewards merchant. - Shop and fish rewards. - Limitation for setting fish/shop characters. - Daily exp event (2 times a day). - No Demon gong, No hanin mirrors. - No OP Shits. - A lot of new features to discover ingame.